About me and Where I can be Found

I am a college student who loves music and classic films.  I have established this page to blog about these subjects or anything related such as books and radio or tv shows .  As a totally blind blogger,I hope to provide a perspective which if not unique, at least sheds some light on how I view the world.  If you would like to find me you can go to the following places.  My tumblr page is at http://stefmagura.tumblr.com.  If you would like to friend me on facebook go to http://facebook.com/stefmagura.  Lastly, I’m also on twitter at http://twitter.com/stefmagura.  Enjoy your stay here.  Feedback is always welcome, and I hope you find something of use. 🙂

One response to “About me and Where I can be Found

  1. Can’t wait to read your perspective about the world. You see I’m getting shots in my right eye for wet type macular degeneration, and spend a lot of time fighting the fear… I know you’re writing will inspire me and hopefully even make me brave.

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