…And the Blogging Finally Begins

Well, I thought I would get this blog launched earlier, but school and other activities changed my priorities.  I’m launching it now though and I will do my best to keep my schedule to posting at least once a week.  Following is a little background on why I decided to start this blogging business and which topics I would like to cover.

My inspiration for blogging comes down to seeing the work of other bloggers.  Most of these blogs which I follow hdeal with classic films from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, but several others discuss music.  I plann to post a lot about both of these topics on this page, and I will highlight other blogs, or other interesting links I find in the process.  I am blind, so my perspective will be different from my sighted peers.  I won’t include anything  very personal about my life, because I think that can only result in bad thing occurring.  .  Guest submissions are always welcom, and if you would like to friend or follow me I am on facebook and twitter; just search for the name you see here. 🙂  Happy commenting and looking around. 🙂